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Would you like to see lori lemaris( the dc comic mermaid 

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Should I keep doing Elsa and Ariel yuri couple 

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Yuri rp 

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They did the thing!!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 10:57 PM

They have done it.  Korrasami is a thing .... He'll yes

the last  parts of korra was the best. Better then avatar. It was heart breaking and great action.

watch it and enjoy 

but Korrasami is a cannon . You have to see but I was so happy I could not stop yelling In joy

Water Tribe
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"I can't believe it has been 5 years since that day. The day where I defended Republic City from Kuvira. The same day I told Asami I love" A young dark skin 26 year old woman sits on top of the giant Avatar Aang statute. She smiles happy looking at the sunset on the ocean. Even thought part of the river was frozen due to the winter it was still a wonderful view. It was lightly snowing as the young avatar was all dress warm in her water tribe gear.

"KORRA!" Two young air benders land at the bottom of the statue. "Come on the party is about to start. "the young female said with a smile as the male was holding her hand.

Since it was the 5 years since Kuvira army was destroyed and most the her army was gone Republic city made a national holiday day. People would hold parties and thank the men and woman who would give their lives to defend their city from Kuvira. Korra was most thank out of them all. But it was not all about her. Mako, Bolin, Lin, Tizen, all the benders and even the love her life Asami. She was more worried about her then anyone. But they all made out ok. 

Korra smiles as she airbends down to the two air benders." I thought the great air master Jinora would be with her boyfriend kissing under a tree?"She laughs at them

Both them blush as they look at eachohter" Well Kia wanted to tell you where Asami was going to be since you asked him to spy on her" Jinora laughs. 

Kai blushes as he nods"She just asked me if she ok…you know since she was gone to Zao fu" he looked at his lover all worried 

Korra laughs at Kai" Thanks all the Bei Fongs are there for Opal and Bolin wedding. I will go with Asami next week. You two are going right?"

Both of them nod. Then Jinora handed Korra the box she told her to hold on to. " It is safe as you requested. Are you sure you want to do this Korra? She might not be ready you with being head of Sato Industries" she said

Korra nods and smiles."I know what could or could not happen. But I taken down a giant mecha suit….I think I can handle a no"She grabs her air staff and flys off towards Asami office

Both the air benders sighs" I hope so"the both said before leaving.

As Korra was flying towards Asami off she held the box in her coat. She knew this was going to be the biggest battle she ever fought. She taken down great evils but this was a new high. When the old office feel on them during the battle with Kuvira she was more worried about Asami. Asami did get hurt with maybe a broken arm but still it worried the avatar. But was worst is when Kuvira had Asami but the next with a metal dagger to her neck to make Korra stop. Korra sighs and she was so worried what if it happen again. But she knew Asami could fight for herself. 

Soon she landed in front of the offices and saw people having a large parties. Varrick was giving his orders to the staff to make they party the best party. Zhu Li just sighs as she was just doing the last papers works before she see Korra. 

"Is Asami in?"Korra asked

Zhu Li nods and points to her office. "She doing work but she alone."

Korra stared to run up the stairs with speed. She wanted to she her girlfriend so bad. Even thought she was gone for 2 weeks it was far to long. She goes to her door and opens it. "Asami? Are you here?" The avatar asked with a cute grin

Asami puts her papers down and sighs. "You could not leave me on message of your mission could you" She walks to her all mad. "You know I was worried I was not going to do this"She pulls the avatar in for a deep kiss before smiling. "Next time don't leave me again like that. I love your kisses Avatar. "She smiles before she holds her close

Korra holds her cloth and smiles."I'm ok Asami….I missed you so much. "She lets her go and sits down on her desk. "So are you ready for your party Varrick is holding?"She teases.

Asami sighs and nods. "He goes over bored but I just have my real gift right here in front  of me. "Asami smiles as sits on her Avatar lap before kissing her chin.

Korra moans a little but stops her."Asami I need to ask you a big question? The biggest one you ever hand. "She looks at her a little scared.

Asami smiles and holds her hands. "You can ask me anything honey.What wrong?"

Korra pulls out the box she hand and opens it. Once Asami saw it she gasp with joy and aw. Inside the box was betrothal necklace. The betrothal necklace was used in the water tribes to ask for married. It was a dark blue water outlines but had the Sato Industires Logo in the middle. Korra had spent weeks with both Zhu Li and a little help with Mako and Bolin to make this betrothal necklace.  Korra pulls it out and puts it around Asami neck and kisses her check. 

Asami was to stun to talk but held betrothal necklace in her hands. She did not know what to say. She looks at the Avatar who held her hand. She held them tight as they look into each others eyes. Korra gulps as she start to talk first. 

"Asami Sato. These last 4 years being together as girlfriends has been the best years of my life. When you told me how you felt in those letter to me and when you told me after Kuriva you made me the happiest avatar ever. "She shows a tear and held her hands tighter. "Asami Sato. I can't live with out you. I want you to be my wife. I want you to be my Avatar wife. I want to be know as Korra Sato. I want to be your wife forever. I will stay by your side all the time. I want you forever Asami."She looks at her eyes

Asami could not believe this was going on. Korra wanted to be her wife? What could she say? What could she do? She looked at the avatar still unable to talk or say anything. 

Korra sighs and moved her hand towards the necklace about to remove it. She knew Asami was not ready. She about to take it off but she felt her hands behind grab by Asami. "NO! DON"T YOU DARE TAKE IT OFF!"Asami yells in joys as she jumps into the avatar arms and kisses her deep. Korra eyes widen as they kiss. She holds her close as they fell on the floor. They did not care if it hurt or not. They where happy. 

Asami held her close and started to cry happy."Yes! Yes Korra! I will be …I will be your wife. Forever"She sniffles as she held her close. "Forever Korra Sato."She kisses her slow.

Korra smiles and holds her too. She started to cry. She was in heaven. She got what she always wanted true love. Both look at each other and about to kiss when they heard a noise outside."COME ON ASAMI! THE PARTY  ABOUT TO START!" A male voice outside said

Soon they heard a loud punch outside. "OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR ZHU LI?!" Varrick said

"They are busy sir….You will see what I mean"the female voice said

Asami and Korra laughs before smiling at each other."So we tell the world the news Asami Sato. "Korra helps her wife up.

Asami smiles and kisses her neck soft. "Indeed Korra Sato."

Once outside everyone was looking at Asami and Korra who where in the front doors. "EVERYONE! I got some good news for the world. You have a new Sato family member…I want you all the meet my future wife. AVATAR KORRA SATO!"She kisses Korra slow.

Everyone Cheers happy as they call out Asami and Korra name.  Virrick the raises his hands. "ZHU LI! DO THE THING YOU WHERE GOING TO DO BEFORE I MESSED IT UP! BEFORE THE SNOW STORM COMES!"

Zhu li lights off the fireworks. They go screaming in the air as people cheer. All Korra think was her wife. This was going to be a long happy years. She would do everything in her powers to Asami happy. Asami knew this and she was going to have one hell of a ride being the avatar wife. But right now who cares about that. They have each other now for 24/7.

Korrasmai: winter proposal
This is for a secret santa for


Its a little different but I hope you enjoy this short story. 
Lucy by Pronon1990
Adopted by

this is a genie oc lucy. She loves her master to have kind wishes. But when free she is loyal to the one she free from. But she will make them love her too. She loves female more then male but she does not mind either one
Vanora by Pronon1990
Adopted by

she a mermaid oc who is shy but she loves to be open to her lover. She loves males lover who will not judge….but she does not mind female lovers either 
Talise by Pronon1990
Adopted by

this mermaid oc is a shy keep it to herself mermaid. But she dances and sings to herself. But when in love she will make her female lovers feel they are queen and will not leave her side. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
my name is Sean
i'm 23
and i love DA

my topics are video game art, mermaid, mermaid transformation, transformation, and or mind control( some times yuri)and no suicide art. ( i hate and it brings back hard painful memories)and avatar last airbender too plus korra too

also i love roleplay of all kind

Current Residence: Apartment
Favourite genre of music: rock and video game music
Favourite style of art: comic,fan art ,manga,yuri,mermaids
MP3 player of choice: iPod and I pad
Favourite cartoon character: All bad ass people
Personal Quote: "life is a bitch but you have keep moving on"

They did the thing!!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 10:57 PM

They have done it.  Korrasami is a thing .... He'll yes

the last  parts of korra was the best. Better then avatar. It was heart breaking and great action.

watch it and enjoy 

but Korrasami is a cannon . You have to see but I was so happy I could not stop yelling In joy

Water Tribe
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