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do you want pics with Kuvira? maybe slaves 

40 deviants said yes
10 deviants said no

do you want pics with Kuvira? maybe slaves 

40 deviants said yes
10 deviants said no

do you want pics with Kuvira? maybe slaves 

40 deviants said yes
10 deviants said no


do you want pics with Kuvira? maybe slaves
40 deviants said yes
10 deviants said no
Should I do more of…
26 deviants said Yes( comment ideas
5 deviants said No
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

A lone monk walks alone in the woods on a full moon light. It was a peaceful night at first. The flowers and tree where starting to bloom for the spring and summer season. All animals and birds where out. It was all nice until he had to make a wrong move that would make the peace go away and make one woman very upset. This man is name Miruko.

Miroku had just gotten down being slapped and beating down by his crush and friend Sango the demon hunter. He had to rub her ass again as they where having an heart to heart about life. As always he would get slap. But this time Sango had her last straw with him. She did not want to do this anymore. She and Miruko left the party and travel alone. But Sango was done. She was going to stay with others and maybe stay with Kagome.

Miroku walks down the road near the beach looking for a place to stay. He sighs and looks at all the inns and shops where close. He could have set up camp but his tent was gone. He looks at tree and sits below it. "She just being too Drama about things again. " he sighs.

He closes his eyes and tires to sleep and maybe in the morning he could find something to do. "She just need to just be happy she has a guy grabbing her ass like that. No woman I know gets that mad about it."He rubs his check still burning form the slap Sango gave him. "She should be lucky."

Deep down he knew he was in the wrong. He loved Sango more then any woman he loved. He wanted to be with her but he prev side always got in the way of his love of Sango." I should go back and try to say I'm sorry.....In the morning" He turns to his side and tries to sleep.

But before he could enter his dream land hears a splash. He opens his eyes and grabs his staff. "Who there!?" He said ready fight anyone near. "Sango?" He asked thinking she was coming back. But he could hear another splash. This time is was near.

The monk turns around and see there are some tree behind him. Some branches where open showing a view. He could feel a wind blow by and it was a ocean wind. He was close to a ocean and maybe a beach. He start to walk towards it and to his surprise he was near a body of water.  "Wow....Nice place" he said

He walked into the clearing and found he was in a little lagoon. It had some small rocks that was maybe made for people to lay down after a long day of swimming. He could see there was no one around. He could see the water was clear and he maybe thought was hiding in the water. He looks and saw nothing. To his guess the water was maybe 20-40 feet deep. He could see fishes swimming and sighs.

"It was just a fish. "He sits down on the beach and lays down. " mmmm the sand is nice....I could sleep here before I head out. " He was closes his eyes and tries to go back to sleep. He could hear splashes again but this time he would not care. He was going to think how he could make Sango forgive him. As he thought he heard a large splash. This time it was closer and water did land on him.

"HEY!!!!" He opens and gets up ."WHAT IS  THE BIG IDEA!" He grabs his staff and looks head.'WHO HAS THE BALLS " he was now to stun to speak and his eyes found what caused the splashes . At first he thought it was a large fish. But boy was he wrong.

In front of him he saw d a woman. He could only see he back side. She had soft white skin. Almost like snow but was more darker. He long dark green hair flows free down to her back. She was combing her hair with her hand. She was humming a song that was wonderful. The monk drops his staff. This sound made her turn and she opens her eyes. Her eyes green eyes stare at his blue eyes.

The two stand there looking at each other. He was to stun and did not know what to say. He look at her breast and found it was about a size large then Sango. Her d cups move free. She saw this but grins. " To stun to talk big boy?"She laughs and splashes him.

The salt water hits him and he shakes his head. "Oh I'm sorry I did not mean to bother you."He said looking away." I can go."

The woman laughs and swims forward." I don't mind. I was getting bored since everyone sleeps. What is a good looking man like yourself doing out this late? Oh let me guess bar?"

Miroku shakes his head." No. Im traveling to another place. I kind got into a fight with a friend. She kind got upset at me." He looks at her. "Sorry to bother you."

The woman laughs and shakes her head. "Darling. I said I'm not mad. You need to relax. Your girlfriend can wait. "She swims a little way. " The water is nice and is relaxing. "The woman smiles." I'm Maya."

Miroku blushes at that and nods." The name is Miroku."He bows as he start to walk away. Maya was hot and he knew it. But he wanted to prove to Sango he could be a normal man. "And she is just  a friend. "He sighs knowing he wants Sango so bad.

Maya grins and looks at him." Well this Lagoon is big for the both of us. Why not take a swim and relax. The sun will not come out for another 5 hours."She said." Plus I like to have someone swimming with me."She winks

This made the monk blush. Was Maya flitting with him?" Well you do make a good point."He said removing his robe and only in his underwear. He walks to the ocean but is stop.

Maya shakes her head and laughs."Come on. All of it off."She said

Miroku nods and removes his underwear. He had sleep with many woman and would not care. Maya looks at his dick and smiles to herself. "Him it looks a good keeper for me. Soon I have it all to myself. "She looks up at the man.

Miroku enter the water and swims to her. Up close she was beautiful , even more then Sango. He stares at her green eyes as she does the same."Have nothing to say hon?"Maya said swimming behind him." Is your friend better looking then me?" Teasing him.

He shakes his head. "Your better. You better then any woman I sleep with. You are" he said but felt his neck being rubbed.

Maya rubs his neck and smiles. "Your sweet Mr. Miruko." She rubs soft and leans in to his ear. "You should get a reward for being so sweet. "She goes to his ear and whisper." How does that sound." Her voice more seductive.

Miroku could feel is hard grow and tired to cover it. But she stops his hand to cover it . Her hands held his as she moves his body to her." I can feel your lust. I can feel your passion. I can tell you want it....I want it to. "Rubs his chest.

Miroku moans and felt a jolt go up is spin. His hard now ready was moving wanting to be touched. "Who are you?"He moans

Maya grins and start to sing in his ear." The best thing for you...."She kisses him deep

His eyes widen but kissed back. The kiss was so wonderful. He had kissed many girls but she was the best. He hold her close and in his mind was the sing. The luring and seductive sing. He moved his hand to her ass and grabs it.

Maya moans in joy. "You like my ass? Good I need a good merman like that."

Miroku stops and looks at her. "Merman? Wait.....that means your"He felt her kissing him as his eyes turn back going into a trance. Inside his mind the singing was more louder. Maya move his head down under the water . He was floating in front of a mermaid with a dark green tail like her hair. The hair was flowing free as she smiles wide."Yes  a mermaid my dear."

Miroku stares at her body his hard still ready for her.

Maya swims around him and hums."You human males are so easy. I would kill any drunks but your the first one I don't want to kill. I could feel your lust a mile away. I need that. All merfolk are lust monster. We want love in all ways. It has been 200 years since I had a good man. Before I could turn him he died from a heart attack. "She sighs and grins." But now I have you...young and healthy."She grabs his hard

Miruku gasp and moans . Maya kisses him making sure he could breath and still be with her.

Maya rubs it slow and kisses his neck. "You going to love this. You want to touch me right?"She could feel his hand move but his mind told him to wait.

"Yes " he moans wanting to have her all to himself.

Maya smiles and goes to his ear stilling rubbing his dick. "Say you stay with me and you be mine forever. Be my merman  and you can I will have all the sex and love you want....You know I would not lie."

Miroku knew she was right. He wanted her so bad. His dick inside her making her moan with joy. He could feel her pussy wanting him. He moans the words. "I will....Stay with you"

Maya lets go of the dick and holds his face with a smile. "You will not regret this my love. "She moves his face to her breast. "I could have grab a tea or potion to make you a merman but mermaid milk is good for you. Drink until your silly human past is gone....and is only replace with me"

Miruku took her left breast and drink slow. He suck slow but he could her milk go into his body. It was the best milk he had. He suck slow as  he felt rub his hard slow. It was wonderful. Ever gulp he took he could feel his past being replace with Maya. Sango face was now Maya. The two kissing and making love under the water or on the shore. He could feel Maya new life take over his mind. He was just too happy.

Meanwhile Maya rubs his dick with a scale as she places it below his belly. The scale glows as the scales start to form all over his legs. At the same time she rubs the dick even harder. Miruku  sucks harder feeling close to cum. Once his leg fused together he cum and remove his mouth from his new love breast panting.

Maya rubs his check and smiles ."Your all done my love. "She looks down and saw his dark blue tail move with free. She wraps his tail with her . He moans and kisses her deep."You are the best. "His eyes turn normal as he kisses her neck"How long do we have before sunrise?"

Maya smiles"A good long time."She swims to the shore and lays down

Miruko lays over her and enter her slow."Mmmmm really warm and tight."He thrust slow into her.

Maya held his head and moans"I know....your here to fix it." Know that their night of lust would not end anytime soon.

Next Day

Maya and her now new merman Miroku lays on the sandy beach holding each other. The two kissing and rubbing each other body. "Your a great lover Miroku. "Maya sighs as he kisses her neck.

"Your the best goddess I ever had. Sango was never like this.. I was a fool not having you sooner?"He was on top of her kisses her chest.

Maya stops him and smiles. "You can have me later....We need rest. You came into me 6 times... My body needs rest and yours does too."She giggles and kisses his ear. "Maybe we can play master and slave again ."

With that the once powerful monk Miroku could only grin and grabs her breast. "You got it slave." With that the two would go at it again showing the world that these two where lustful and happy.

Miruko mermaid trap
what happens when Miroku meets a mermaid

well this happens
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

" now some peace at last" a black hair woman walks down the busy streets with people walk around the black Mage." With everyone doing training or blitzball I can have some peace." 

Lulu had taken so much on her shoulder ever since she became Yuna guardian. She had to take on the joys and sadness from her journey. Sure Yuna would kill her self to save the world from Sin but all of it change with Tidus.

The son of Jetch world change Yuna and even Lulu world forever. Now that Sin is to stun to attack the party now goes off and trains.

Tidus, Yuna and Aroun would train in Zanergland. While wakka, kamria and rikku would train in the Desert. Lulu had trained in all black magic and had some white healing magic. But she need her space.

Sure the group was strong but at time lulu need her own time. The end of the world would make a woman stress. But how would she get ride of it? Luca.

Yes Luca was a busy place with it's blitzball games but the outside beaches or docks where no one goes to where nice and peaceful. Lulu once as a child would play at the docks. 

To lulu it was the right place to be at. But soon some other people too would agree with the black Mage.

Lulu stated to walk to the southern docks. It was foiled with just crates but with the games going on no one would go down their. Lulu start to walk with her dress dragging a little. So she heard a soft female  voice

" you know you could ruin your dress like that" the voice said 

Lulu sighs and turns" you can mind your....." She was to stun to talk.

The woman walks to her with a smirk" what too stun to talk?"the dark brown woman walks moving her curvy body slow. Her green eyes stare into lulu eyes. Lulu was more stun what the woman wearing a lose green clamshell bra.

Lulu shakes her head and looks at the woman eyes." No I never see a bra like that?" She looks down and see her c cup breast." Nice swim suit too with your legs.

The woman had some strange green pants with scales like thing so it. But that would be explain later.

The woman grins then smirk." Well you have a good eye. I don't Mean to be rude but my name is jade. " she bows her head" and who might you be my dear?"

Lulu smirk but nods" lulu. Nice to meet you jade but if you don't mind me... I'm busy" she start to walk off.

Jade moves in front of the Mage and laughs" hold on. You look like you need a good relaxing spot. I know the best one in town." She smiles

Lulu shakes her head." I'm fine but thanks." She start to walk right pass the woman.

Jade walks beside her." Well I can I show you first at least... Come on please?" She said stopping in front of her " just a look and if you don't like it I go away forever."

Lulu sighs and looks at her" look I'm not in the mood but" she felt some dust being blow in her face. Jade blew some strange blue dust in lulu face." Lulu coughs then open her eyes.

When she did jade was inches from her face. Jades eyes glow a turquoise color. Lulu eyes meet hers as they change ." 20 minutes please? I can really show you how to relax" she move up to her faces." Trust me" she kisses her deep

Lulu eyes widen and wanted to pull away but jade holds her. Lulu then started to feel the kisses was good. Their tongues moved on each other. Lulu felt jade rub her ass. Lulu liked it.

Once they stop the kiss jade smiles." What do you say" her eyesp turn back to green.

Lulu did not turn back but nods" lead the way miss jade." She started to walk. But jade stops her.

" wait here I need to get on thing.... Wait" she goes shop. Later she comes out with a bag" ok... I show you ,after what I got."

The two moved down to the southern docks. It was late afternoon and most people where at home praying or at the games. Woman moved tithe very end if the docks as jade grins.

" now you thought  you kisses where good" she remove her bra slow and tossed it away. Now her breast where out for the world to see.

Lulu blushes and turns her head" I don't think we should,." She felt jade kisses her slow." I think we should. We are alone and I think you might enjoy my friends too"

Lulu looks at her after the kiss" friends?"

Jade and calls out" Rose! Daisy come out of the water and meet our new guest"

Soon Lulu could hear splashing in the water under the dock. "What was that?" She looks down before her.

Jade kisses Lulu's neck as she moves her to the edge of the dock with a wide grin." Well my friends do what to meet you." She starts to removes Lulu fur dress.

Lulu moans and felt her dress being removed. She would have fought this but she could not. Deep inside her soul she wanted this and she allowed this. Jade kisses her body and rubs her sides. Soon they could hear voices in the water.

"Hurry up! I want her too." A blond hair woman  with dark blue eyes raise herself from the ocean

"Come on me and Daisy want her too" A red hair with violet eyes said holding the blond side breasts

Daisy moans and kisses the red hair" I know Rose but we have to wait for Jade." She grins

Lulu blushes harder and was starting to get out of the trance but Jade blew more of the blue dust in her face. "Now before she start your life lets get your new bra' She grabs a bra like Lulu dress. It was made of leather with fur coving the top part. It was good in water and Lulu would soon found out. Jade puts on Lulu large breast as she chats some words.

Lulu eyes wide as her mind was being drained. She felt all her past and memories being faded in the a darkness. Her eyes started to turn a dark red as she closed them. All of her friends and her love Wakka was being taken away. All she could hear was singing. Luring and soft singing. She could see all the woman she just meet. All them where holding her, kissing and giving her all the love she ever wanted. Her body was heating up and her pussy was starting to get wet from the thoughts of this.

Jade and the girls could only laugh as they watched this. Soon Jade kisses Lulu neck " Are you ready to go back to our world Lulu"

Lulu eyes started to open. The blue mist was gone, and was now her dark red eyes. She grins and looks at Jade. " Oh yes! This city was fun but I want my sisters of lust now."She looks at her bra and grins. "You know my style."

Rose and Daisy grab Lulu feet and pulls her the ocean. Jade laughs and dives in the ocean making sure she was not spotted.

Lulu could not swim but Daisy held her up as Rose began to kisses Lulu deep and slow. Lulu could feel her body being warmer. She enjoyed Jades kisses but Roses kisses where even better. Rose rubs Lulu's breast with her own. Lulu rubs Rose ass and it felt strange. It was all like Scales.

Jade kisses Daisy neck. "Lets show our sister what she just missed."

Daisy kisses Lulu lips as she started to finger Lulu pussy. Lulu moans loud as she felt Rose lick her pussy. She was floating in the ocean. She looked up as they where now under the water. She cover her mouth but she was breathing under the water. Soon her eyes widen as she could now see who had just taken her to this ocean world.

Jade, Daisy and Rose where all mermaids. Jade had a green tail, while Rose had a crimson color with Daisy had a bright yellow one. All the woman look liked . All with curvy bodies. But Jade was shorter and Daisy had d cups breast. All the them where holding Lulu close and all where making Lulu feel good.

Mermaids all went to Lulu face all them did a four way kiss. Lulu closed her eyes and kissed back. At first it was to Daisy, then later Rose. All the woman would be kissing each other for a while. Then Rose kisses Lulu neck as Jade was licking her pussy. "What color do you  want ?"

Lulu moans as she felt her new bra being removed by Daisy. "Dark Purple my loves"She felt her breast being rubbed.

Rose finger Lulu ass while Jade placed a while scale in pussy. Lulu eyes widen as she felt her legs being fused to be a purple tail of her dreams. All the girls would make sure she was not going anyway during the transformation. Lulu tail was weak. She could not hold her self. "Its ok Lulu. "Jade kisses her deep." You where on land for too long. "

Lulu felt her pussy being licked while by Daisy while Rose licked her ass. "Yes! I just need to be with my sister again" She moaned as she fingers Jade and Daisy.

Jade finger Rose ass while rose did the same. All the girls where making sure they where all be pleasured by one another.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" They all scream together as they cum in the ocean.

Lulu was over tired and feel forward. Jade held her up as the others girls swim to her face. "Are you done already?"

Lulu grabs Rose and kisses deep. After the kiss she grins" Are you joking....Im just started

2 years later

Yuna now part of the Gullwings explores Luca alone. She heard of some spheres that would have snow a person playing some blitzball. Knowing Yuna very well, she would love to remind herself about her long lost love Tidus. Soon she began to hear some singing from the same dock Lulu once was.

Yuna did miss her sister Lulu very much. Everyone said she killed by Sin monsters while Yuna in heart knew that was not true. As she walked down the docks she could feel sleepy but she was still standing. " That couldn't be? Lulu?" Yuna said softy as she walked to the voice.

Soon she was at the end of the dock . To Yuna surprise it was Lulu singing showing her leather bra with a grin. "So my little Yuna has come back to me?"She remove her bra and blows dust to Yuna.

Soon Yuna would join Lulu and her mermaid sisters of lust.

Lulu ocean lure
well its been a while for a story.

while I was on my trip :icondrgnmastralex: would have love to see a mermaid story about lulu.

Well I hope he likes it


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
my name is Sean
i'm 23
and i love DA

my topics are video game art, mermaid, mermaid transformation, transformation, and or mind control( some times yuri)and no suicide art. ( i hate and it brings back hard painful memories)and avatar last airbender too plus korra too

also i love roleplay of all kind

Current Residence: Apartment
Favourite genre of music: rock and video game music
Favourite style of art: comic,fan art ,manga,yuri,mermaids
MP3 player of choice: iPod and I pad
Favourite cartoon character: All bad ass people
Personal Quote: "life is a bitch but you have keep moving on"
So I found out I have too many story to make
so elsa and Saleen. ( maybe a pic or a comic or I do it later) plus I need a good plots idea for it

now the ideas I could give out is villain or villainess slaves

gender bend is welcome

now request are only to close friends and it will depend on what you want

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